Below is a summary of the services we offer.

Information may be missing or not listed. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us. To the right of the description you can sometimes see examples of our works.


We deal with the following matters:


- Making 3D drawings for homes and project development. We can make these drawings based on sketches, plans or existing construction drawings.

We can also make these drawings based on photos and we can also implement photos in our drawings. Such as incorporating a conservatory extension, dormer window or a pile plan into an existing drawing.



- Making architect's drawings and building and construction drawings. These are drawings often used by contractors and municipalities for the construction of a project or for applying for a permit at the Government or City Council.



- We can also help and guide you in applying for a permit at the Government or City Council.

We can guide from the sketch or plan in the head, make construction drawings, make construction calculations, make construction drawings, apply for permits, engage contractors, supervise, manage and supervise the renovation, until everything is neatly delivered.

We have been working with reliable partners for years and we regret that there are still contractors who do half the work or who run off with the money.

That is absolutely not our method. We strive for reliability and quality.



- Trading of real estate (Buying and Selling). We are in contact with a large number of brokers, project developers, appraisers, banks, financiers and investors.

We look at the possibilities of purchasing properties (possibly together with other investors), bringing them back to new condition with our own building contractors and then selling or renting them back on the market (in accordance with market value).

By combining the purchasing power of banks and entrepreneurs, there are many possibilities.

Please note, our goal is not necessarily to make a lot of profit, we would like to offer good, decent homes so that people can live for a 'normal' current price.



- Real estate financing. Due to our extensive contacts with banks and investors, we also have many options for individuals, companies and organizations to complete financing issues. This can be, for example, financing for a restaurant, hotel, home, housing complex or other projects that require financing. This can be, for example, a purchase, renovation, 2nd building, 2nd branch or company takeover. We also have the right contacts for you for drawing up a project plan, business plan, financing plan, prognosis, and subsidies.



- Project development. We are ourselves, and we are in contact with other project developers. Together we are looking for opportunities to realize real estate projects. This can be done from scratch by making your own designs, by consulting with municipalities, investors and banks. But we can also get involved in projects that are underway or for which our help and expertise is requested.

Our goal is to build more homes in the Netherlands and that doesn't always have to be done from scratch. For example, there are many vacant offices and we see many opportunities to create living space in them. These can be social rental housing,

free sector homes or owner-occupied homes. In addition, there is also a great need in the Netherlands for student housing, asylum seekers' housing and also care homes and institutions for people with a disability or handicap.

Our goal is not necessarily to make a lot of money and to make a lot of profit. We aim to build and develop a great deal of living space in the Netherlands, because there is a need for it. We also do not aim to (re)sell everything, but also wish to keep a very large part in our own management.


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